Your gateway to no life is a messaging platform for people who have no life. It's the easiest way to give up your social life by far.

Our platform is built by people if you're reading this thank you without a life, for people without a life / are seeking to give up their life.

We are dedicated to giving you the best no life experience. Join us today and start living the no life you've always wanted.

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See how NoLife compares

NoLife Guilded Discord Skype
100% Free
No annoying pop-up ads
Easy to understand UI
Not a corporate money-making scheme
Highly customizable
Strong community support
Regular updates and improvements
Private messaging and group chat capabilities
Integration with other platforms and services


What Our Users Say


"like discord, but worse (no p2w though)"

- haydengetspegged

"Its supposed to be totally legal 👍"

- Mike Oxlong (online safety team)

"before I signed up to nolife, I had a social life, now I don't, 10/10 👍"

- kivo